High quality experiences as sustainably as possible

High quality experiences as sustainably as possible

At Fire Creek, our goal is to provide high quality customer service as sustainably as possible. We have remodeled and rebranded our business to impersonate this experience and enhance the quality of your visit. 

New interior, upgraded equipment, new website, new staff and even more passion. We have visited every avenue of our business to polish each component of your experience from your entry to your stay. 

Sustainability is at the top of our priority list. We serve our dishes to go in compostable containers and use bio-degradable napkins. Our foods are local farm supplied and our waste is limited with recycable storage materials.

Indoor/Outdoor Experience

Flow from our cozy indoor fire place setting through our open floor layout outdoor 1000 sq ft deck, where you can enjoy your, meal, drinks and conversations seated at a 4 sq ft fire pit built into the center of outdoor deck lounge.

Championship Golf Course

Dine, converse, lounge and refresh right on course as you step out onto the view of our championship golf course, Capitol City Golf Club. Enjoy the evergreen view and be inspired to explore and take some friends and family members out to tee off some balls on the course. Visit the Capitol City Golf Club website to learn more.